We started our work on the Project In September 2009.

First of all, all the teachers have been familiarized with the idea of the project and together we have chosen the painter: Jan Matejko.

Next, the students were informed about the project and some tasks and competitions connected with it.

In September the students learnt about the paintings of Jan Matejko and his life.

Then a competition for the best power point presentation about Jan Matejko ‘s life and works was announced . Rafal Ratajczak, a student from class V, won this competition. Later the student , disguised as Jan Matejko, presented the life and works of our painter at the opening celebration of the project.

In October all the teachers from our school took part in the preparations for the opening celebration of the project. Local authorities, media and parents as well as students were invited. So later we were seen on TV and in our local press.

On the 8 th October 5 teachers from our school went to Spain for the project meeting. It was the first meeting of the project so we had to discuss and decide on lots of important for the project and cooperation matters. It was a wonderful meeting during which we made friends. We met lots of wonderful people, friends. We spent some time in our partner school in Alcaudete de la Jara. We had a great time there in Spain, the time of our lives, and came back home with wonderful memories.

Then in November the students learnt about the period in which Jan Matejko lived. Students learnt some facts about the kings and the history of that period. One of the teachers , Anna Pawlicka, prepared a presentation about it.

At the end of November using different techniques the students were making portraits of Jan Matejko. One of the students won this competition. It was a student from class IV, Marysia Zboralska, and her picture was later put on the project T-shirts.

In December the students from class III went to the museum in Poznan. Bogumila Nowak, the teacher of our school found some information on the Internet about the idea of collecting money for the renovation of Jan Matejko's biggest paintings ‘Joan d'Arc'. The money we collected was sent to the museum in Rogalin and later we were invited for the vernissage of this renovated painting.

At the end of December the students learnt about different jobs of the period that Matejko lived.

In every class there are pins with some information about Jan Matejko and his paintings.

In January we elaborated the T-shirts with the picture of Jan Matejko.

In February students disguised themselves as the figures from Jan Matejko's paintings. This way the students presented ‘live paintings' . These ‘live paintings' were shown to the parents and grandparents and later to our partners from Europe during the partner meeting in Poland.

In February some of the teachers prepared a contest of questions about Jan Matejko and the period he lived in.

During different classes students learnt about various customs of that period as well.

We also had a competition for the best Logo of the project and Marcin Brambor from class IIIa was the winner. We also designed the toy of the project in December.

In April there was a project meeting in Poland during which we discussed the activities that should e done till the next meeting in June. We also exchanged all the information about the project activities done in particular countries. Now we are waiting for the meeting in Italy




















































These are our latest activities:

- changing the school into a house from 18/19 century

- a traditional market from the 18/19 century

- we make and sell traditional toys from the 18th /19th century( it was before Easter so we made things connected with Easter and the parents bought them)


Of Comenius week and our project there was a competition for the best power point presentation titled: 'A trip to the past'.


Of the Comenius week and our project we also asked the students to prepare some power point presentations about our painters...


Another task was to present Leszno to our foreign partner schools...