The 3 rd meeting of the project “Our History through the Painting” took place in Italy, in Lucca at our school district Secondo Circolo didattico di Lucca from the 31 st of May /1 st of June to the 5 th of June.

The five Italian days have been used for judging the project's objectives on a “European level”, for explaining what we did in the different schools and for planning our next activities.

A questionnaire for teachers and for pupils (4 th and 5 th class on the primary level and 5 year old pupils at the Infant School) has been formulated.

The twenty guest teachers have visited the four primary schools and the four Infant schools to get to know the different organizations that Italian school can offer: on that occasion, they have seen all the products made by pupils about the project and they have felt the enthusiasm of a warming Italian welcome.

Parents, as well, have taken part in a very friendly and hearty welcome preparing a “merenda macchiaiola” to let the guests taste food from the simplest tradition of our own Tuscan land.

Of course, the meeting in Italy has been a favourable occasion to visit the museum dedicated to Fattori in Livorno, but also to taste a little bit of Tuscan land: Lucca and its wonders, Pisa and the magnificent Miracle's square, Florence and its beauties known all around the world and the Viareggio 's sea.