18-23 MAY 2011









The last meeting of the Multilateral Comenius Project ´´Our History Through Painting´´ took place in our school ´´Voievodul Mircea´´ High School. The time of the meeting was 18-23 May 2011, and the partners were Spain ( 4 teachers and 6 students), Italy (3 teachers), Bulgaria(3 teachers and 1 student), Hungary(3 teachers and 6 students), Poland(4 teachers).

The schedule made by the host school contained activities connected to the project theme( the visit of the school which had been changed into a museum, printing the project´s logo and name on T-shirts,reproductions and puzzles made by the partner students), as well as an artistic performance of the most talented students in the school.

The partners also visited a comprehensive school(´´Diaconu Coresi´´) in our school, attended discussions specific to the project and visited the town (The Chindia Tower, The Royal Court). In the last two days there were organised trips to Nicolae Grigorescu Memorial House in Campina, Brasov, Bran and to the National Museum of Arts in Bucharest where there could be seen the paintings of Nicolae Grigorescu. In the capital, there was also visited The Village Museum, a special touristic spot.