We have done a lot of activities during this project.

The first year we studied the famous Spanish painter Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, his life, his paintings, his period...

During the second year we studied the others european painters. We learnt a lot about Poland and its painter Jan Matejko, Italy and its painter Giovanni Fattori, Hungary and its painter Gyulza Benczúr, Bulgaria and its painter Vladimir Dimitrov Maistora and Romania and its painter Nicolae Grigorescu.

All of our students (from 3 years old to 12 years old) have worked this project in all the subjects: Maths, Science, PE, Arts, Music...

We thank to all teachers and students because they have work very hard.

Here you can see some photos of our activities.

Activities in Spain


P.E. activities

Ray, our P.E. teacher, made this cave about our european painters

Performance the famous Matejko´s picture

Studing different Italian cities

Fattori´s basket


Kindergarten activities






Polish flag

Jan Matejko´s collage


Fattori´s picture

Fattori´s picture

Fattori´s selfportrait


Gyula´s collage

Hungarian flag

Gyula´s picture


We wrote some letters to our european friends


Bulgarian flag

Maistora´s picture

Girl with sunflowers (Maistora´s picture)

Francisco de Goya´s collage

Goya´s head

Grigorescu´s collage


Art activities

Giovanni Fattori selfportrait

Fattori´s picture

Gyula´s selportrait

Matejko selfportrait


Maistora selfportrait

Grigorescu selfportrait


Folder about clothes in the past


1st degree activities

We have studied the painter´s period


2nd degree activities

We have learnt about Poland: traditions, culture, its painter...

...and about Italy


How was the school in the past?


Comic: Journey to the past!


3rd degree activities

We have learnt about the period: 18th and 19th centuries


Other activities we have done

Francisco de Goya visited our school!!!


Goya´s 264 birthday

Goose game and letters game



We wrote some tales inspired in Goya´s picture


Logo Mascota Comenia

Our logo and our pet Comenia!


Esteban Rodriguez is a writter who wrote some tales about Goya.

He visited our school.

Our European museum

We made engravings

We had a special Italian party

Machiaioli´s picture

We cooked and taste typical european desserts


The religion in the past

We visited our church

Book marks


Traditional toys

Natacha, Miguel y Marta. The won our contest.



Jan Matejko

Our playground was decorated with the six european painters


Traveller book: 2nd degree


Traveller book: 1st degree


Traveller book: Kindergarten (Parents helped us)

Libro viajero de Educación Infantil

Comenius week Lipdub

Our coordinator received the picture "We are Comenius"

Do you know that Goya was deaf? For this reason the Association of theaf peaple visited our school

We visited were Goya was buried

We visited with students and parents the Royal Palace in Madrid, Prado´s Museum...

We thanks to all paremts and students the work during this two years