Our school has chosen to be a part of this project after considering the numerous benefits which a Comenius partnership may bring along ( opening gates to performance, innovations and European dimensions in the educational practices system, consolidation of foreign languages learning, progress in developing active European citizenship based on understanding, respect and tolerance, developing new methods of teaching-learning-assessing, valuing the creativity, the imagination and the talent of the children, developing the attitude of student-student and teacher-student cooperation, developing the ability to communicate, knowing the European systems of education, introducing the European dimension in school. The topic of this project is widely generous from the point of view of the activities that can be done with the students. These are willing to accomplish the different tasks they get.


The activities we have done so far :

•  Nicolae Grigorescu- Romania ' s representative painter

•  The History of the 19th Century's Romania

•  Let's know more about Nicolae Grigorescu

•  Let's meet our European partners

•  Visit to the Arts Museum of Targoviste

•  Exhibition of project logos made by the students

•  Exhibition of famous paintings of Grigorescu, reproduced by the students

•  Jobs and trades of that time class activity

•  Exhibition of students' paintings

•  Curriculum- integrated activities related to the topic of the project.

•  We disguise ourselves as prominent figures of paintings.

•  Contest of questions about the author and his/her period.

•  The parents explain pictures to us

•  We do or reproduce engravings of pictures known of the painter.

•  We know the customs of the period.

. Games of the period: Children of Europe are playing together.

. Reading book about that time: ALEXANDRU VLAHUTA - Pictorul N.I.Grigorescu?

. We play with the painters: program CLIC computer.