The fourth meeting of our Comenius project was in Notincs Hungary between 7 and 12 of October 2010.

The students, parents, teachers and employees of our school had been preparing with enthusiasm and we had planned the program carefully.


On Thursday 7 October the groups of partners arrived at the airport and one group, the Polish partners came in their minibus to Tó Hotel in Bánk.

The participants were as follows:

Spain : Patricia Rubio González (coordinator) and Eutiquio Altier Fernandez (headmaster)

Poland : Katarzyna Michnikowska (coordinator) , Halina Józwiak (vice headmistress), Bernadeta Ratajczak, Iwona Ratajczak, Katarzyna Pawilojc , Marek Czternasty and Leszek Gol

Italy; Arianna Garuzzo (coordinator), Anna Maria La Manna, Michela Michelotti and Claudia Roberti

Bulgaria: Tanya Stoykova Yanachkova (headmistress) and Tsonka Mincheva Petrova

Romania: Mortici Mirela (coordinator), Aldescu Mioara (headmistress) and Oprea Mihaela Veronica


On 8 October (Friday) we had programs at school.

From 10.00 a.m.:

•  Anthem of the EU

•  Presentations

•  Welcoming guests

•  Giving presents

•  Cultural program

•  Visualisation of paintings

•  Comenius program: Articles of the period

•  Having a look at the classrooms of our school.

Our guests were extremely interested in the functioning and financial operation of our institution.

In the afternoon we visited Nowhere Island Adventure Park in the village and then had lunch in the local restaurant.

Evening program:

Good wishes

•  Borókáné Vidovszky Ágnes (headmistress)

•  Szegner László (mayor of Notincs)

•  Coordinators

Cultural program:

•  Music (Recorder: Sztranyan Regina, guitar: Nagy Endre)

•  Dances

•  Choir

•  Presentation of Class 8

Dinner , for which we invited the following people:


Expatriates (18 people)


Patricia Rubio González (coordinator)

Eutiquio Altier Fernandez (headmaster)


Katarzyna Michnikowska (coordinator)

Halina Józwiak (vice headmistress)

Bernadeta Ratajczak

Iwona Ratajczak

Katarzyna Pawilojc

Marek Czternasty

Leszek Gol


Arianna Garuzzo (coordinator)

Anna Maria La Manna

Michela Michelotti

Claudia Roberti


Tanya Stoykova Yanachkova (headmistress)

Tsonka Mincheva Petrova


Mortici Mirela (coordinator)

Aldescu Mioara (headmistress)

Oprea Mihaela Veronica

Local Authorities:

Agárdi András (mayor Osagárd)

Fedor István (mayor Felsopetény)

Szegner László (mayor Notincs)

Boróka László (registrar)

School (28 people)

Borókáné Vidovszky Ágnes

Molnár Éva

Mácza Adrienn

Varga Magdolna

Csukáné Zólyomi Zsuzsanna

Szegnerné Bach Valéria

Nagy Endre

Polka István

Pápainé Laczkovszki Zsuzsanna

Nagymihály Zsolt

Bognár Ildikó

Ocskay Péter

Endrészné Szente Ágnes

Pátyodi Csilla

Demkó Natália

Szabóné Csorba Erika

Nagyné Godavecz Csilla

Harmati Lászlóné

Boróka Andrea

Agárdi Andrásné

Zöld Zoltánné

Zöld Zoltán

German László

German Lászlóné

Laczkovszki Pál

Ludas Józsefné

Vucsné Auguszt Zsuzsanna

Varga Istvánné

Kindergarten leaders (3 people)

Farkas Istvánné (Felsopetény)

Rottenbacher Andrásné (Notincs)

Vidovszky Andrásné (Osagárd)

Parents (25 people)

Saligáné Urbán Zsuzsanna

Varga Krisztin

Korgyik Andrea

Neuzsitekné Bánhalmi Regina

Fuchsné Kurali Krisztina

Kovács Zoltán

Heliszné Korgyik Zsuzsanna

Holicza Árpádné

Pénzes Klára

Viczián Zoltánné

Nagy Jolán

Rádi Jánosné

Tóth Attiláné

Szuetta Szilvia

Holiczáné Szabó Szilvia

Hugyecz Jánosné

Petényiné Huszár Judit

Terman Istvánné

Bilek Györgyi

Molnárné Jakab Kinga

Barnoki Andrásné

Sztranyanné Machács Krisztina

Nagy László

Viczián Zoltán

Tamis Ágota


The evening was pleasant and everybody enjoyed themselves.


9 October (Saturday)

We travelled to Budapest. In the morning we visited St Stephen Basilica, where Benczúr Gyula's painting could be admired by our gusests while our guide told us lots of interesting information in English. In the afternoon we saw Benczúr Gyula's works in the National Gallery, where we heard about the painter's works too.


10 October (Sunday)

In the morning we went to Hollóko, where we saw the village, the traditional houses, the Puppet Museum and the castle. There was a traditional costume program in the local restaurant.

In the afternoon we saw the Benczúr Mansion in Benczúrfalva and then the Benczúr Mausoleum.


11 October (Monday)

In the conference room of the hotel we held the official meeting, where the representatives of every country reported about the work done during the last meeting. We determined the tasks to be done until the next meeting.

In the afternoon we had a sightseeing in Vác, small historical town.

In the evening our teachers said goodbye to our guests at the farewell dinner.


12 October (Tuesday)

The groups travelled home.

The feedback emails suggested we had had a very successful meeting in Hungary and everybody was contented full of new experiences.