Vladimir Dimitrov  Maistora (1 February 1882 - 29 September 1960), was a Bulgarian painter , draughtsman and teacher. He is considered one of the most talented 20th century Bulgarian painters and probably the most remarkable stylist in Bulgarian painting in the post- Russo-Turkish War era. His portraits and compositions have expressive color, idealistic quality of the image and high symbolic strength.

Vladimir Dimitrov was born in Frolosh, near Kyustendil and started his career as a clerk. In 1903 he enrolled in the School of Drawing in Sofia where he had been called the Master ( Maistora ) for the first time. In 1922 he met the American John Crane in Rome and sold him much of his work for the next few years.

Vladimir Dimitrov was an outstanding artist who included bright colors within his art and today we consider his artwork a fauvist type rather than an expressionalism set. More than 700 oil paintings of him are exposed in Vladimir Dimitrov Art Gallery of Kyustendil .

Maystora Peak on Greenwich Island in the South Shetland Islands , Antarctica is named for the painter.


Vladimir Dimitrov Maistora