The idea of participating in a Comenius project arose for two courses to train more teachers in the Rufino Mansi´s school of Alcaudete de la Jara (Toledo) a working group which we called "Goya painted in Alcaudete"

The experience proved so rewarding that we decided to seek partners in Europe and develop a project under the title "Our history through the painting".

As its name suggests, we will study art history in Europe during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries focusing on the lives of six European artists, and of course, Goya.

A part of our school, which is the focal point of the whole project, also involving five European partners: Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Italy. With them developed various materials to implement in the classroom with pupils and maintain an exchange between members of all educational communities.

With all that we want our students to understand that we are very different and similar at the same time and know different cultures and traditions, all through the painting.